Preschool & After School

If you are interested in our program for the 2020-2021 school year please contact or call 607-353-7074.  

Early Learners

The goals and philosophy of the YMCA Child Enrichment programs encompass the mission of the YMCA to help develop children and Youth for healthy living and social responsibility. Through our curriculum we promote growth in all areas of development including:

*Social: to help children learn from adults and one another by observation, imitation, and interaction. 

*Emotional: to provide a safe and secure environment where children can develop self-confidence, independence, self-control, and a positive attitude toward life.

*Cognitive: to promote curiosity and to help children acquire learning skills, such as the abilities to solve problems, make choices, ask questions, and express their ideas, observations, and feelings.

*Physical: to help children develop and enhance their motor skills and feel confident and comfortable with their bodies.

Center St. Jumpstart 

YMCA Jumpstart @ Oneonta:  Contact Colleen Erbe, Preschool Director,

Preschool Flyer

YMCA Programs @ Walton

YMCA Programs @ Walton:  Contact Heather Walley, Site Director (607)865-4116 x 4141 or