Oneonta Family YMCA

Swim Lessons

The class times shown below follow our general session schedule, which does not usually apply to summer indoor swim lessons or Summer Intensive session schedules. For current session information, call us today, or visit our full website's Aquatic's page.
Parent-Child Swim Lessons

These classes are water enrichment classes for children from 6 months to 36 months of age. Children are accompanied in the water by a parent or another adult. Kipper 6-18 months, Perch 19-36 months The YMCA does not promote dunking an infant under the water.
Kipper Schedule:
Thursday 5:45-6:15pm
Saturday 9-9:30pm

Perch Schedule:
Thursday 6:15-6:45pm
Saturday 9:30-10:00am

Preschool Swim Lessons
Ages 3-5 years old

Pike/Eel: These classes are water adjustment and beginning swimming skill classes. Pike are accompanied in the water by a parent or another adult, Eel are not.
Ray: This class is designed for children who have mastered the water adjustment skills. Children must be recommended for this class by a swim instructor.
Starfish: This class is for the more advanced preschool swimmer. Children must be recommended for this class by a swim instructor.
Pike Schedule [Adult in water]:
Wednesday 6:15-6:45pm
Saturday 10-10:30am

Eel Schedule [No adult]:
Monday 5:45-6:15pm
Tuesday 5:45-6:15pm
Saturday 10:30-11am
Saturday 11:30am-12pm

Youth Swim Lessons
Kindergarten and Up
This program is for children in Kindergarten and up. We lay a good foundation of basic aquatic skills and safety. At each level, participants are involved in activities related to the five components of personal safety: personal growth, stroke development, water games and sports, and rescues. We will work on both stroke competence and building endurance.

Swim Test: If you are not sure which class to enroll your child, please make an appointment for a swim test. Contact Lisa Birdsall at (607)-432-0010 ext. 202, or Melinda Wagner at (607)-432-0010 ext. 302

Youth Swim Lessons Schedule
Beginning Polliwog:
Monday & Wednesday 5:05-5:45pm
Tuesday & Thursday 4:25-5:05pm
Saturday 12:00-12:40pm
Saturday 12:40-1:20pm

Advanced Polliwog:
Monday & Wednesday 4:25-5:05pm
Tuesday & Thursday 5:05-5:45pm
Saturday 9:20-10:00am
Saturday 12-12:40pm
Saturday 12:40-1:20pm

Monday & Wednesday 3:45-4:25pm
Monday 6:45-7:25pm
Saturday 11:20am-12:00pm

Tuesday & Thursday 3:45-4:25pm
Saturday 10:40-11:20am

Tuesday & Thursday 3:45-4:25
Saturday 10-10:40am

Adult Lessons
For adults of any swim skill level, focus includes building endurance, overcoming fears and stroke competency.
Adult Schedule:
Monday 7:25-8pm

Private Swim Lessons
Children & Adults: Minimum age 3 years.
For all levels from beginner lessons for children and adults, to private on-deck coaching for athletes.

Private Lesson Fees
Private Lesson Fees
Member: $21/half hour
Public: $51/half hour

Semi-Private 2 Students
Members: $31/half hour
Public: $51/half hour

Semi-Private 3 Students
Members: $38/half hour
Public= $83/half hour

15% off of private & semi-private lessons for members only, when you purchase 4 lessons.
Adapted Aquatics
Classes are scheduled for infants through adults with adapted needs. Classes are one-on-one and may include therapeutic exercise and swimming skills. Contact Lisa Birdsall at 607-432-0010 ext. 202 to schedule.

Synchronized Swimming
Mondays and Wednesdays 4:00pm-5:00pm.
Participants must be able to swim 25 yards front crawl and 25 yards back crawl.
Members: $45
Public: $55

Homeschool Swimming Lessons
February 21 - April 16
Wednesdays 1:30-2:30pm
School aged children 5 years and up. Half hour lesson and half hour free swim.
Members: $40
Public: $50