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Spending Time On What's Important This Holiday Season

As the holiday season falls upon us, all of our minds are racing through all the lists we have made. We check them once, twice, maybe even rewrite them three or four times just to make sure everything is just perfect. Being a mother of two, I started writing my list months ago but yet I still am not sure. With so many options it can be overwhelming to find the item that will make that someone's face light up, and to know that I made the right choice. It’s really hard to not get wrapped up in the materialistic side of the holidays.
After asking my children what they wanted for the hundredth time I realized I needed to stop and rethink what I was doing. The holiday season isn’t about the gifts, it’s about spending time with your family. So now I’m on a new mission; setting a time aside to be with my children to do something special, almost like having “dates” with each of my children. I’m just lucky enough that I work for a great place that is extremely family friendly that offers different activities that both of my children enjoy. At the Oneonta Family YMCA I am able to bring my son to play basketball in the gym, as well as bring my daughter to the pool to go swimming.

Our Impact This Year

  • Kids Engaged


  • Volunteer Hours


  • Wellness Classes Taught


  • Kids Learned to Swim


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