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Package One: Fitness Assessment / Evaluation & Follow Up

2 Hours = $60

Are you looking for solid data to know how to make your current workouts more effective? Do you want to know the best way to begin or renew a fitness program? Try this assessment and follow up package and begin to get the results your REALLY want.

1. Bioelectrical Impedance to measure BMI
2. Step Test to measure your cardiovascular intensity starting point
3. Posture and movement assessments to determine possible muscle imbalances
4. Bench Press Strength Assessment to determine estimated 1 Rep Max
5. Leg Press Strength Assessment to determine estimated 1 Rep Max
6. Basic Flexibility Test

*Also available*
Upper Extremity Agility Test
Lower Extremity Agility Test

After a few weeks of training, you will have a follow-up with your trainer to measure results and make any changes necessary to your current workouts.

*Personalized Fitness Training is for YMCA Members only*

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